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Jim Heaphy began working with DuPont CORIAN products in 1984. He was the general manager of Western Plastics in San Francisco from 1984 to 1993. He served as co-chair of the Solid Surface Products Section of DLPA, a national trade association, from 1989 to 1991.


Since 1990, he has written a quarterly column on countertop fabrication techniques for Kitchen & Bath Design News magazine, the leading trade publication in the industry. He is a graduate of the University of San Francisco.

Since 1993, TopRepair has specialized in repairing and refurbishing all brands of solid surface countertops throughout California and Nevada. We also repair granite, quartz, concrete, and butcher block countertops. 

We pride ourselves on technical excellence and outstanding customer service. We are committed to providing our services in an environmentally and socially responsible fashion. Click here for more information about our company.

"Green" Countertop Options Are Wide Ranging


Written by Jim Heaphy 4/18/2007 

For Kitchen & Bath Design News magazine.


As scientific evidence of global warming mounts, the trend toward environmental responsibility in new construction and remodeling grows as well. Interviewed in February in the Memphis Daily News, Jim Lutz, professor of architecture at the University of Memphis, said that the green building movement “is going to be the issue that dominates the field of architecture for the next century.” 


Addressing Buyer’s Remorse . . . 12 Years Later


Written by Jim Heaphy 10/13/2006 

For Kitchen & Bath Design News magazine.


In early June, I received a call from a woman who had added a new kitchen on her home in 1994. At that time, she had children living at home and was caring for an elderly parent. She recalled feeling rushed when making the decisions about the kitchen. She decided on solid surface countertops and, without full consideration of the alternatives, selected a top-mounted cast iron sink and caulked, butt joint backsplashes.

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