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Training and Consulting Services


Jim Heaphy, owner of TopRepair, has been providing consulting and training services to the solid surface fabrication industry for many years. His column in Kitchen & Bath Design News magazine gives him a high profile and credibility in the industry. 

Jim Heaphy has led solid surface training seminars for thousands of students in the following cities:

* Chicago, IL
* Hong Kong
* Honolulu, HI
* Indianapolis, IN
* Long Beach, CA
* Louisville, KY
* New Orleans, LA
* Oakland, CA
* Orlando, FL
* Philadelphia, PA
* Sacramento, CA
* San Francisco, CA
* San Jose, CA
* Santa Rosa, CA
* Winston - Salem, NC


For introductory training in solid surface fabrication, we recommend the International Surface Fabricators Association. Some manufacturers of solid surface materials also provide local training. Contract your local distributor for information about these programs.TopRepair can provide advanced training in solid surface repair procedures, and consulting services regarding quality control and failure prevention for solid surface fabricators. Contact us for a formal proposal.


We also sell custom-fabricated stainless steel cooktop collars (also called rings), which are available in any shape and size. Surface finishes include brushed stainless and appliance-grade powder coat colors.Cooktop collars are used in cases of multiple or repeat countertop cracks starting at cooktop cutouts. When used in conjunction with the proper repair procedures, cooktop collars are over 99% effective in solving such problems once and for all.Cooktop collars can also be used when an obsolete larger cooktop is replaced with a smaller cooktop. TopRepair can assist with any technical problems.

For more information about our training
and consulting services, click here.

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