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Since 1993, TopRepair has specialized in repairing and refurbishing all brands of solid surface countertops throughout California and Nevada. We also repair granite, quartz, and butcher block countertops. 

We pride ourselves on technical excellence and outstanding customer service. We are committed to providing our services in an environmentally and socially responsible fashion. Click here for more information about our company.
Sand and Buff
Repair cracks
Replace a cracked sink
Repair cooktop cracks
Repair Chips

Sand & buff countertops

Even though your older solid surface countertops may be showing signs of wear and tear, their appearance can be improved dramatically. We can remove nicks and scratches, and buff your countertops until they shine like new again. The price depends on the size of the kitchen and the extent of the wear. Other options include re-caulking splashes, buffing sinks, and filling deeper nicks and chips.

$300 to $600

Replace a cracked sink

TopRepair will disconnect your plumbing, remove and replace the cracked old sink with a new sink, and then reconnect the plumbing. The price depends on the model of the sink and the complexity of the plumbing. The result is seamless, sanitary, and looks just like your original sink installation.

$1100 to $2100

Repair chips in natural stone or quartz countertops

We repair small chips, nicks, and scratches in natural stone or engineered stone countertops using the Akemi Akelux system. This is a state-of-the-art system that makes inconspicuous stone repairs possible. The price depends on the size and number of repairs to be made.

$300 to $600 

Remove stains

Certain types of stone are subject to staining when exposed to oils or various foods and beverages. It may be possible to remove these stains using one or more applications of a poultice, which draws the stain out of the stone. This is a slow process that will require at least two visits, spaced several days apart to allow the poultice to work properly.

$750 to $900

Repair cracks or a failed seam

Using routers and an accurate template system, TopRepair will remove the damaged areas, and then we will patch and reinforce the countertops. This price level also includes branching or compound cracks. The results are inconspicuous and durable repairs.

$750 to $1000 

Repair cooktop cracks 

TopRepair has pioneered an in-depth repair procedure that is over 99% effective in solving chronic or multiple heat related cracks adjacent to cooktops. Our stainless steel cooktop collars are custom-fabricated to match your specific model and color of cooktop. The result is a professional and durable repair that is highly resistant to future failures. 


$1100 to $2100

Re-caulk and/or clean and polish your countertops

If the caulking around your sink or at the joint between the backsplash and the countertop is old or deteriorated, we will remove all existing caulk and re-caulk using a color matched, mildew resistant caulk. Sometimes all that is needed to rejuvenate a countertop is a professional cleaning and application of a good polish. Using stone-safe cleaners, we will thoroughly clean the countertop and then we will apply a polish and buff to a shine using wool pads. 

$300 to $600

Repair extensive Granite cracking 

In certain cases, more extensive cracking or rebuilding of an edge detail requires an in-depth resolution of the cause of the problem. Some causes can be extreme variations in temperature, an unstable support structure, or rusting of metal reinforcing rods embedded into the countertop (Rodding Failure). We will repair the crack, we will also resolve the underlying problem as best we can, reducing greatly the likelihood of a recurring problem. 


Modify the countertop and install a new cooktop

Often a new cooktop will not fit properly in the cutout for an old cooktop. We can modify the countertop and assist with the installation.

$1100 to $2100

Extensive repairs & modifications 

These are complex projects involving multiple combinations of repairs. Possibilities include relocating or rebuilding countertops in connection with kitchen remodeling projects. We can also upgrade from caulked backsplashes to coved backsplashes. Such repairs usually take more than one day to complete. We guarantee a dramatic improvement in the appearance of your countertops, and that your cost will be far less than replacing the countertops. 


$1500 and up

Reseal granite or marble countertops

If your marble or granite countertops are losing their luster and seem to be staining more readily, then it is time to reseal your stone. We use water based stone strippers to remove the existing finish and reseal your tops with StoneTech Professional water based sealers. Using water based sealers means that there are no harsh chemical smells or VOCs released into the air and you can remain in your home during the resealing procedure. In some cases, the resealing needs to be done a full 24 hours after the stripping procedure, so two sequential days are needed to complete the project.

$750 to $900

Repair a simple crack or a failed seam in natural stone or quartz

Using a super-penetrating acrylic resin, we will fill a crack or seam to make a structurally sound repair. This resin will be tinted to closely match the existing seams and overall tone of the countertop. 

$750 to $900

Reseal granite or marble countertops

These guidelines provide a general idea as to the price of countertop repair. Please note - our minimum repair fee is $300.00. Each case is unique and certain problems may not fall into any of these categories. We can more accurately quote you a price if you provide us with digital photos and a detailed description of your problems. We only confirm an exact price after we have had an opportunity to complete a thorough inspection of your project. 

Please be aware that there is wide variation in the performance characteristics of the thousands of types of granite and other natural stone available in today's countertop market. Stone sold as "granite" actually falls into dozens of different geological categories, and the stone from every quarry is unique. Stone sealers may help improve the performance of your stone countertops, but nothing will change the fundamental qualities of a natural stone.

We often do small projects or unusual projects on a "time and materials" basis. Our minimum repair fee is $300.00 which includes up to two hours of labor by a repair technician. Our hourly rates are $150.00 per hour for one technician, and our crew rate is $225.00 per hour for a two person crew. We also charge for bridge tolls and parking fees where applicable. Material fees are to reimburse us for adhesives, caulks, Corian, plywood, fasteners, plumbing parts and similar items.

We do not charge inspection fees if we ask to inspect your job in advance. In many cases, we can complete a repair in a single visit without doing an inspection in advance. However, if YOU require an inspection and a firm written estimate in advance, then we charge an inspection fee of $150.00 plus travel fees. The inspection fee can be applied to the cost of the job, if you later choose to proceed with the work.

We travel up to 100 miles roundtrip at no extra charge from our headquarters in Grass Valley, CA. We charge $1.00 per mile for each mile traveled over 100 miles. We also charge for bridge tolls and parking fees where applicable. For trips requiring an overnight stay, we will also charge for moderately-priced hotels and meals while on the road.

We accept credit card payments online or in person through PayPal. If you select this payment option, you will receive an invoice by email that can be paid through a secure website. You do not have to be a PayPal member to use this payment method. We expect all such payments to be completed within 24 hours.


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